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Mark Sheet attestation

September 13, 2022by

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A Mark sheet attestation is an important educational record that needs attesting. The Mark Sheet must be verified in order to demonstrate the authenticity of both you and your document. When you apply for a visa or submit attested documents, the involved government office needs confirmation that you are an eligible person. 

What is Mark Sheet attestation and why is it necessary?

One of the important methods of authentication is the Mark Sheet attestation of mark sheets, which requires obtaining a Mark Sheet attestation stamp from the relevant officials. The Mark Sheet attestation serve as an official record of your academic performance in the past. It is among the most crucial records you need to submit with your application.

Process for a Mark Sheet attestation

Document certification is not a straightforward procedure. Before the final Mark Sheet attestation, certain steps must be taken. It begins with a notary’s certification and ends with an embassy or consulate’s certification.

  1. This verification stage is done by the notary or the University where the Mark Sheet is issued
  2. The State Government does the next step of verification
  3. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs provides you with the final stage of authentication.
  4. Embassy Attestation 

Why choose Helpline Groups?

Helpline Groups provides you with various procedures of Mark Sheet attestation that are regularly required thus making it easy for clients. By connecting you to a team and supportive service available around-the-clock, we ensure that we provide accurate and genuine services. All you need to do is fill out the facility’s details, upload and submit your original documents, and complete an online transaction. While you unwind, we will send you the translated and stamped documents i.e. Mark Sheet attestation as per your requirements.

So why wait? Call us today to know more about Mark Sheet attestation.




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