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Canada Police Clearance Certificate

Need Canada Police Clearance? Worry Not. Helpline Group’s international services are designed to help you get police clearance certificate from the Canada Police.

Required Documents :

  1. Full set of fingerprint impressions on c216 card
  2. 2 passport size photos
  3. Third party consent form
  4. Passport copies (Old & New) and another identity document
  5. Copies of identity document other than passport.

25 working days is required to get your pcc.

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Visiting foreign countries looks quite appealing but it becomes tedious when it comes to arrange legal documents. Documentation work might look like a trivial task but it’s the most important thing to start your journey. One should have full set of documents with complete paperwork to start the visa formalities. In some countries complete paperwork include Police Clearance Certificate also without which legal procedures will be incomplete. A Police Clearance Certificate is a document that affirms about the god conduct of the applicant in the country where he or she was the resident. Countries demand this document because they want to keep their nation free from people with criminal mind set, thus, a negative statement in the document might become a hurdle in your way to success. With the help of this document government officials will get to know about the details of the criminal records of the applicant.

Police Clearance Certificate is also famous with other names like Good Conduct Certificate or Criminal Record Check. PCC means a certificate issued by the government officials of law enforcement body by analyzing the criminal history of the candidate. Under this process applicant’s engrossment in any criminal offence is verified to know whether he was indulged in any illicit activity that enforced the participation of Canadian Police Force or not. Royal Canadian Mounted Police – a federal and national police force of Canada collects the criminal activity data form the local police and it is also responsible for issuing the Certificate of Criminal Record Check. For conducting criminal check Canadian police will ask for fingerprints for which you need to approach CCRTIS. Drafting these legal documents and getting into legal procedures might become a herculean task for many, thus, in this process you need help of experts like us, who have been dealing in segment since 1989.

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