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Good Standing Certificate UAE

Need Dubai Police Clearance? Worry Not. Helpline Group’s international services are designed to help you get police clearance certificate from the Dubai Police.

  • Get your Good Standing Certificate from UAE Dubai Police
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Found out various steps involved in getting your police clearance certificate from Dubai Police through Helpline Group.

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Willing to get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate easily but worried about the legal formalities? No worries – Helpline Group is here to support you. We have been tackling these situations since 1998. Our expert team with 25 years of experience can easily deal with all these legal formalities in a given time frame. Helpline Group is famous in the sector for its authentic way of working. We complete our work within the legitimate structure defined by the government with the aim of ‘Customer Satisfaction’. We have established strong connections with experts in different countries with regional knowledge of legal formalities, through them we get our work done easily.

Good Standing Certificate from UAE might prove an essential document for starting up a new life in foreign country. There are several countries throughout the world that demand for good conduct certificate or police clearance certificate. A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a legal proof of good conduct of the applicant. Before issuing Police Clearance Certificate UAE police carry out a background check of the applicant. In this procedure, applicant’s criminal background is analysed through which it is assured that he or she has not indulged in any illegal activity requiring police involvement. A proper analysis of all criminal activities from arrival to exit day can be seen in Dubai Police Clearance Certificate.

An individual is eligible to get UAE PCC only if he or she is above 18 years and has lived or worked in Dubai for more than 6 months. One can apply for Dubai PCC for satisfying your employment or matrimonial or commercial need but it is not given for tourism purpose. Our UAE staff shall act on your behalf, as it is not required for you to be physically present in the country to get this certificate. Some of the documents required to be submitted in this process are given below.


  • Copy of all old and new passport pages (only Dubai relevant) is required with the first entry and last exit date.
  • Applicant should provide fingerprints of all 10 fingers of both the hands with the legal attestation provided by any Dubai government official or from Dubai embassy (applicant’s country).
  • Copy of Emirates ID card of the applicant (if applicable) or Visa copy
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • A completely filled Police Clearance Certificate UAE form
  • A letter mentioning the purpose for PCC application.