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Certificate Attestation for USA

Our USA attestation services are meticulously designed to elevate your worldwide recognition, providing you with a seamless and efficient process to validate your documents for international use. Our attestation services cater to diverse needs with precision and expertise.

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    Certificate Attestation

    Certificate attestation is like getting a stamp of approval for your documents. It’s a process that verifies the authenticity of certificates, making them valid and recognized internationally. Imagine it as a global acceptance seal for your educational, professional, or personal records. This ensures that your documents are trustworthy and meet the standards required in another country, making them valuable and officially acknowledged across borders.

    Certificate Attestation Services Kottayam

    We support with the attestation of these documents but are not limited to the following:

    Notarized Documents

    • Power of Attorney
    • Long Distance Agreements
    • Medical Certificate

    State Issued Documents

    • Birth Certificates
    • Death Certificates
    • Marriage Certificates

    Other Documents

    • Educational Certificates
    • Personal Certificates
    • Business Documents

    The procedure for USA Certificate Attestation


    Obtain notarization of the document from a certified notary public to validate its authenticity and legal standing.

    State Department

    Submit the notarized document to the State Department for verification and authentication at the state level.

    Concerned Department of State

    Send the authenticated document to the relevant department of state for additional verification and certification.

    Concerned Embassy in the US

    Present the document to the embassy of the concerned country in the United States for final attestation and approval.

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    Why should you go with us?

    Helpline Group, boasting 25 years of expertise, is your trusted companion for USA certificate attestation. Operating globally with 10 branches, we deliver swift and precise attestation solutions. Backed by a team of 300+ experts, we ensure client satisfaction, making us a premier choice for attestation services worldwide.
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