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Company Formation in Saudi Stable, Reliable, and esteemed company formation solutions.

Setting up a business in Saudi Arabia offers lucrative opportunities in a rapidly evolving economy. The Kingdom has implemented investor-friendly reforms to attract foreign capital and foster entrepreneurship. With a strategic location, a robust infrastructure, and access to a thriving market, Saudi Arabia is an attractive destination for various industries. 

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    Why KSA?

    When considering business setup in Saudi Arabia, our consultancy provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Saudi Arabia is now rapidly advancing by reshaping different facets of its economy and infrastructure.

    Red Sea Development Project – The Red Sea Development Project represents a forward-thinking endeavour to reshape Saudi Arabia’s shoreline, crafting eco-friendly havens for high-end tourism that simultaneously safeguard the area’s innate charm and ecological diversity.

    2034 Fifa World Cup – In 2034, Saudi Arabia will proudly stand alone as the exclusive host of the FIFA World Cup, showcasing its commitment to delivering an unforgettable tournament experience.

    Major Projects – Saudi Arabia’s ambitious initiatives, such as NEOM, Giga Projects backed by a substantial USD 4 trillion investment, and Roshn, underscoring their global aspirations.

    Booming Sectors – The technology and tourism industries in Saudi Arabia are experiencing swift expansion, propelled by significant investments and a robust commitment to innovation. The primary goal is to draw international visitors to the country.

    Company Formation in Saudi
    One platform for all your business setup needs in KSA.

    Our services encompass various types of businesses:

    1. LLC (Limited Liability Company): An LLC stands as a dynamic business entity, offering a protective shield against personal liability for its owners. Its adaptability allows for selecting management and taxation structures that align with individual preferences.
    1. Foreign Company Branch: Engaging as a foreign company branch involves representing the parent organization in a new locale navigating local regulations while maintaining a link to the overarching company.
    1. JSC (Joint Stock Company): A JSC functions as a corporate body distributing ownership among shareholders, enabling multiple investors to hold stakes and participate in the company’s governance.
    1. General Partnership: Within a general partnership, multiple entities or individuals collectively collaborate to oversee business operations, sharing profits and liabilities.
    1. Technical and Scientific offices (TSO): In collaboration with Saudi agents, foreign enterprises often establish technical and scientific hubs to distribute products in Saudi Arabia. These hubs act as vital resources, offering agents, distributors, and consumers technical support, product insights, and market research.
    1. The Establishment: The establishment process involves founding a new business or organization, encompassing various legal structures tailored to specific needs, ranging from sole proprietorships to corporations.
    1. Regional Headquarters (RHQ): An RHQ functions as a pivotal command centre for a company’s regional operations, overseeing activities and decision-making within a defined geographical area.
    Business setup procedure in Saudi Arabia
    • Securing MISA License: Secure the necessary license pertinent to your industry to ensure the lawful operation of your business.
    • Choosing Your Business Name: Define your organization’s formal and unique identity, ensuring legal compliance and creating a solid brand presence.
    • Legalizing Articles of Association: Validate the official acceptance of your Articles of Association to ensure their legitimate and authorized status.
    • Completing Commercial Registration: Formally enroll your business to participate in lawful commercial endeavours.
    • Listing with the Chamber of Commerce (COC): It is mandatory to register with the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Filing with the Ministry of Labor: Businesses in Saudi Arabia must register with the Ministry of Labor, ensuring compliance with employment laws.
    • Issue General Manager’s Visa: GM needs swift approval for a residence permit and visa, with the MLSD managing essential labor documentation.
    • Enrolling the National Address for Your Company: Establish an authorized business address for inclusion in government records.
    • Listing with Qiwa portal – Human Resources & Social Development: Qiwa platform enhances Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development services, optimizing electronic solutions for the labor sector.
    • Enrollment with Zakat, VAT & Corporate tax: Businesses in Saudi Arabia must register for tax compliance with the Zakat, VAT & Corporate tax.
    • Company seal: Obtain the company seal
    • Listing with Muqeem portal: Muqeem streamlines residency data management, ensuring real-time coordination with Saudi authorities for efficient entry and exit processes.
    • Filing with Absher portal: Access 279+ services for Saudi residents, from appointments to passport renewals, ID cards, driver’s license, and more—all in one convenient application.
    • Enrollment with General Organization for Social Insurance: Enroll with the General Organization for Social Insurance for worker welfare. 
    • Establishing Your Business Bank Account: Establish an exclusive bank account for business-related financial transactions.
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    With over 25 years of experience and 10 branches worldwide, Helpline Group is your premier partner for company formation in Saudi Arabia with expert business setup solutions. With a global reach, we have 300+ professionals to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Count on us to provide fast and precise support, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for company formation in Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with us today!
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