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Certificate Attestation for Australia

We are committed to being your reliable partner in navigating the intricate landscape of document authentication. Whether pursuing education, employment, or residency in Australia, our services are tailored to meet your needs.

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    Certificate Attestation

    Certificate attestation is a crucial process that validates the authenticity of documents for international use. It involves verifying and confirming the genuineness of educational, professional, and personal certificates. This ensures the documents hold legal standing in foreign countries, facilitating employment, education, or other endeavours. Whether for job opportunities or academic pursuits abroad, certificate attestation is necessary to navigate the global landscape.

    Certificate Attestation Services Kottayam

    We assist with the attestation of the following documents:


    • School Certificate
    • Higher School Certificates
    • National Curriculum
    • Australian Certificate of Education
    • Tasmanian Certificate of Education
    • South Australian Certificate of Education
    • Northern Territory Certificate of Education


    • Marriage Certificates
    • Birth Divorce Certificates
    • Legal Higher Ship
    • Power of Attorney
    • Medical Certificates
    • Transcript
    • Bona–Fide
    • Document of Export and Import
    • Company Invoice & Memorandum Articles

    The procedure of Australian Attestation

    Regional Level

    As required, initial document verification by notary, University, or Chamber of Commerce.

    State Government

    Certificate verification by the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) independently, yet SDM’s endorsement holds state-level recognition.

    MEA Stamp

    The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) certifies documents at the central level, applying an MEA stamp as the last step in home government certification

    Embassy Attestation

    In the final stage, officials from the respective country attest to document authenticity. Typically follows MEA certification for most nations.

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    What sets us apart?

    With 25 years of expertise, Helpline Group is your trusted companion for swift and precise certificate attestation services for Australia. Operating through 10 branches globally, we ensure customer satisfaction by delivering fast and accurate solutions. Count on us for a seamless experience navigating the intricacies of certificate attestation, backed by our extensive experience and global presence.
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