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Credential Evaluation services

For streamlined educational credential verification and authentication, contact Helpline Group’s expert assistance. Our professional services ensure a hassle-free credential evaluation process, providing reliable and efficient results. Trust us to handle your verification needs with precision and ease.

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    Credential Evaluation

    Credential evaluation assesses and validates educational qualifications, professional certifications, and other credentials to determine their equivalence and authenticity. For students hailing from India and diverse international backgrounds, we extend expert guidance on the intricacies of the procedure. Helpline Group goes the extra mile by enlisting the services of exceptionally skilled and seasoned professionals to advocate for you during the Credential Evaluation process.

    Transcript Evaluation

    Transcript evaluation assesses students’ academic records, verifying their authenticity and equivalence for admissions or employment purposes. It ensures a standardized understanding of educational achievements, facilitating smooth transitions and opportunities. What sets Helpline Group apart is our collaboration with numerous global universities. Drawing upon our wealth of experience and a widespread network of offices and Business Associates in various locations, we navigate the document validation process with unparalleled expertise.

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    The Importance of Credential Evaluation

    Credential evaluation is crucial for individuals seeking recognition of their educational qualifications in a new academic or professional setting. It ensures that degrees and credentials from different institutions or countries are accurately assessed and understood, facilitating fair and informed employment, education, and licensure decisions. Accurate evaluation promotes global mobility and helps institutions make equitable judgments based on a candidate’s qualifications. 

    Factors of Significance in the Evaluation of Transcripts:

    Only authorized university personnel can attest to academic credentials; professors, affiliates, and notaries must have validation authority. Our team follows prescribed processes for accurate evaluation. For Degree Certificate assessment, a copy suffices; no need for the original. Mark sheets from autonomous institutions or constituent colleges are required, adhering to our executives’ expertise in ensuring proper evaluation.

    Steps of Credential Evaluation

    Submission of Credentials and Fees:

    • Initiate the process by submitting your academic certificates and the required fees for Credential Evaluation to Helpline Group.

    Assignment to Support Agent:

    • Helpline Group assigns a dedicated support agent to handle your case.
    • The support agent compiles and submits your credentials and the application to the relevant university.

    Coordination and Follow-up:

    • The support agent coordinates with university officials, ensuring a smooth process.
    • Continuous follow-ups are conducted to expedite the evaluation process.

    Receipt of Evaluated Credentials:

    • After the university completes the evaluation, the Helpline Group receives the validated academic credentials.

    Transfer to Other Authorities:

    • Universities are technically required to send the validated credentials to other authorities for further approval.
    • If universities have a policy against this, our support executives ensure the credentials reach the authorities.

    Diversity in University Policies:

    • Recognize the variability in policies and procedures across different universities.
    • Tailor our approach to accommodate the unique requirements of each institution.

    Support Executive Intervention:

    • If university policies hinder the transfer of credentials, our support executives intervene.
    • They take charge of delivering the validated credentials to the relevant authorities.

    Transcript Evaluation Timeframe:

    • Expect the transcript evaluation process to range from 15 to 40 working days.
    • The duration may vary based on the specific procedures of each university.
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    Why opt for our services?

    Helpline Group is a trusted partner in India, offering swift and precise credential evaluation services. With 25 years of expertise, we consistently achieve customer satisfaction. Our global presence spans 10 international branches, supported by a dedicated workforce of 300+ experts. Count on us for reliable and efficient solutions to meet your credential evaluation needs.
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