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In modern day world, true copy is defined as the copy that has been certified by the Notary which certifies the authenticity as well as genuinity of the document. The True copy attestation of documents helps government authorities in verifying the credibility of the documents and helps professionals in seeking better avenues as well as prospects in their professional career.

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The Certified True Copies are defined as documents that are verified and stamped by legal authority such as solicitor, Notary public and helps in verifying the authenticity of the document. A Certified True Copy is quite similar to a notarized copy which is used for legal representation in various countries.
It is important to obtain a true copy attestation for various legal documents such as passport, marriage certificate and helps in verifying their credentials before governing authorities.


United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) is one of the most premier destination for various business and commercial activities and has been witnessing an increase in migration of expats with each passing year.
The process of True Copy Attestation has immensely helped expats in proving their credentials and helped them to settle down in their career without any legal issues. In UAE, generally solicitors and lawyers are responsible for attesting a true copy of the document with signature of genuine witnesses.

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The True Copy Attestation helps in creating a standard procedure for every person in verifying their documents and credentials before concerned authorities. This process also helps in building a trustworthy relationship with the concerned authorities and helps them to verify the credibility of the person. This process has been successful in ensuring a smooth procedure for recruitment of candidates in various positions.

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