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About Us


Founded in 1988, Helpline Group is a worldwide integrated company that provides both corporate and individual cross-border services to companies and individuals. Over the years, Helpline Group has established itself as one of the top service providers with a significant global presence. Our operations currently include the Middle East, India, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Both business and private clients may use our services. As a global company, we have always paid attention to the needs of our consumers in various global locations; as a result, our services are created so that individuals of various nationalities and countries can take advantage of them. Our employees, who are able to provide the highest caliber service to any client anywhere in the world, have also become a source of strength for us.

Helpline Group uses its broad global network of service providers and partners as a global company to supply cutting-edge services in a short amount of time. We provide customer satisfaction and on-time demand fulfilment across all service activities.

Our Services

Company Formation Services

Company formation services are services provided by Helpline Group to assist budding entrepreneurs or businesses in the process of creating a new legal entity, typically a business or a limited liability company (LLC). Right from providing basic guidance on the process to handling all aspects of the formation process, we will take care of everything.


Some of our common services include:

  1. Select a unique and appropriate name for the company and check the availability of the name.
  2. Preparing legal documents required for company formation, such as articles of incorporation or articles of organization, and filing them with the relevant government authorities.
  3. Many jurisdictions require companies to have a registered agent to receive legal and regulatory documents on behalf of the company. We function as the registered agent for the client.
  4. Can assist you with obtaining any necessary business licenses or permits required for setting up the new company.
  5. Will make sure that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
Certificate Attestation Services

Attestation services refer to the process of certifying the authenticity of a document or signature by a third-party authority. Attestation is typically required when a document is being used in a foreign country, to ensure that it is recognized as valid and legally binding.

There are various types of documents that may require attestation, such as educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and commercial documents. The attestation process may involve obtaining a notarized copy of the document, obtaining authentication from the relevant government authorities, and obtaining legalization or apostille certification.

We offer attestation services that can assist individuals or businesses with the attestation process, providing guidance on the necessary steps and requirements. We act as an intermediary between relevant government authorities and embassy or consular services that can help in speeding up the procedures. With the Helpline Group, you can be sure that there will be no place for corrections or rejections.

We also provide attestation-related services such as translation, document verification, and courier services. This way, the Helpline Group ensures that the necessary attestation is obtained efficiently and effectively, saving time and avoiding potential legal issues.

Company Licensing Services

Company licensing services refer to the process of obtaining a license or permit from the relevant government authorities to operate a business or engage in a particular activity in a specific jurisdiction. Licensing requirements can vary depending on the type of business or activity, as well as the specific jurisdiction.

We at Helpline Group offer company licensing services that can assist businesses with the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits by providing guidance on the necessary documentation, assisting with the application process, and ensuring that all requirements are met to obtain the necessary licenses or permits. We shoulder all the responsibilities and work with the relevant government authorities to obtain the licenses on behalf of the company.

We offer you company licensing services such as legal advice, compliance monitoring, and renewal assistance. We also specialize in certain types of licenses or permits, such as professional licenses or business licenses, etc.

PCC Services - Police Clearance Certificate

PCC stands for Police Clearance Certificate, which is a document issued by the police or government authorities in a particular jurisdiction, certifying that an individual has no criminal record or has not been involved in any criminal activities in that jurisdiction. PCCs are often required for various purposes, such as employment, immigration, or travel.

Helpline Group is one of the top service providers that offer PCC services and can assist individuals in obtaining this document by providing guidance on the necessary documentation, assisting with the application process, and ensuring that all requirements are met to obtain the necessary clearance.

We also offer PCC-related services such as background checks, document translation, and courier services. We specialize in certain types of PCCs, such as those required for immigration purposes, etc.

Apart from that, we also provide Good Standing Certificates, Legal translation services, PRO services, visa services, and much more.