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Legal Translation in UAE

In modern day world , Legal Translation in UAE plays a very crucial role in verifying each and every minute details that are mentioned in the document and helps them to verify the authenticity as well as genuinity of the document before governing authorities. It also helps governing authorities in verifying small details that are mentioned in the documents and helps expats to progress greater heights in their professional career without any issues.

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The Legal Translation of documents refers to the translation of language of official documents in order to verify it’s authenticity as well as legality of the documents before concerned authorities. The Legal translation of documents is done to verify the details that are mentioned in the document in an official language understandable to the local authorities.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of biggest global centers in the world that has a large population of expats from various different corners of the world. The Legal translation of documents has helped governing authorities in verifying the details that are mentioned in the document and helps them to validate the credentials of the person.
In UAE, the Ministry of Justice is the governing authority for legal translation of documents. The legal translation of documents includes

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Will documents
  • Litigation documents
  • Patents
  • Legal agreements
  • • Power of attorney
  • Trade Licenses


  • The Legal Translation Services helps various businessmen and entrepreneurs in verifying their legal documents faster and helps them to verify their credentials before governing authorities.
  • It also creates an efficient system which helps in recruitment of efficient and qualified candidates
  • The Legal translation of documents also helps married couples in verifying their authenticity before governing authorities.

Legal translation in UAE can happen in two ways. One is when the certificates or documents are issued from another country other than the seven Emirates for the purpose of the use in UAE, then there is a requisite for the documents to get translated. The second way is that when the certificates or documents are issued in the UAE for any other countries then also there is a need for legal translation. While you go through the process of legal translation, you will surely have to get your translations certified by the Ministry of Justice or MoJ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
When the documents are issued from UAE for another country there are a lot of things you have to do before going for legal translation in UAE. This includes the stamping by the local institution, organization or any individual in the UAE who issues the document and then by the notary public or by the Economic department, which is the legalization authority. Later, the MoFA will attest the documents, thereby the documents get attested by the Embassy of the destined country in the UAE. Now the documents are ready to get translated.
If the documents are issued in another country and these have to be used in UAE, then those documents want to complete the legal translation in UAE. But before translating, the UAE Embassy in your homeland should attest to the document. Then after getting the approval from MOFA in UAE. Helpline group has been a reliable companion for many people in and out of UAE, in legal translation. We have a group of authorized translators who are accredited by the UAE MoJ. Our legal translation in UAE services helps in the translation of attested certificates like, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, education certificate etc.
The legal translations in UAE will be a burden if you are unfamiliar with the processes. Helpline group can help you with the translations of the documents by our expert legal translators who have been helping a lot of people in legal translations for years. Our service is outstanding as we are updated with all the rules and regulations in the UAE and other countries. So even if you are outdated or not aware of the changes we are here to show you the right path. Most importantly we make sure our clients get a clear idea on which legalization should be followed because in UAE there are different processes in certifying different documents. So to be aware of whom the translated documents are submitted to is very important.

Helpline Group Legal Translation Services

The Legal Translation of documents helps governing authorities in verifying the credentials of documents and ensures an ease in conducting various legal processes. This legal translation process has immensely helped clients in seeking better avenues as well as opportunities in various foreign countries and has helped clients to progress greater heights in their professional career.

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