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Certificate Attestation in India

Learn about different methods and processes associated with Certificate Attestation Services in India, and how to get your certificates attested as per regulations in India.

  • We will help you get your certificates attested as per regulations in India
  • We help you deal with documentation for certificate attestation very easily in India
  • Professional high-quality services and reliable attestation service standards
  • Global partner-network and associate office network to get your certificates attested from most countries.

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    Find out how to deal with your certificate attestation requirements in India with ease

    Helpline group assists in degree certificate attestation in India and also other document attestation in India related services.

    Indians travel for many reasons, and there are plenty of needs for attesting their documents, both education and non-education documents and certificates. While most foreign affairs offices in the Gulf region makes use of locally attested documents, foreigners should get their certificates attested from their respective issuing country’s departments. This is the case with UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi and Bahrain. Although it seems a simple task, it is very cumbersome once you reach the Gulf or any other country for that matter, especially since you have to go through various places such as:

    • Notary of the concerned state
    • Home Department of the concerned state
    • Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
    • Consulate (Maharashtra)
    • Embassy (New Delhi)

    We understand these tasks and steps are cumbersome and difficult, especially when there is a prospective job offer in your hand. You don’t want to waste your time by going through these many places to get your certificates attested for use in foreign countries. Our Certificate Attestation Services in India are designed to suit your needs. We operate a globally integrated firm with offices all over India and many foreign countries. We have strategic and operating partnerships with service providers across the globe. Our reliable and quality services are designed to suit the custom needs of our customers. Contact us now to know more.

    Certificate Attestation Services Kottayam

    We assist with the attestation of these documents but are not limited to the following:

    Educational certificate attestation is the process by which the educational documents are verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) department and thereby the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). It is compulsory to attest the educational documents if a person wishes to seek the job, work, education, setting up business etc. in any foreign country. For international purposes the credibility of any certificate is achieved only by attestation. The time required for the attestation process may vary depending upon the country or university the person wishes to seek education or job in. With the help of the Helpline group, you will be able to get the attestations hassle-free. All you need to get ready are the original documents along with the copy of your passport.

    • Plus TWO Certificate Attestation
    • 10th Certificate Attestation
    • AMIE Certificate Attestation
    • B.SC Certificate Attestation
    • B.Sc. Nursing Certificate Attestation
    • B.TECH Certificate Attestation
    • BA Certificate Attestation
    • BBA Certificate Attestation
    • BCA Certificate Attestation
    • BDS Certificate Attestation
    • BE Certificate Attestation
    • CA Certificate Attestation
    • CBSE Certificate Attestation
    • Computer Diplomas Certificate Attestation
    • Degree Certificate Attestation
    • Engineering Diploma Certificate Attestation
    • HSC Certificate Attestation
    • INTER Certificate Attestation
    • ITI Certificate Attestation
    • M.COM Certificate Attestation
    • M.ED Certificate Attestation
    • M.SC Certificate Attestation
    • M.Sc. Nursing Certificate Attestation
    • M.TECH Certificate Attestation
    • MA Certificate Attestation
    • MBA Certificate Attestation
    • MBBS Certificate Attestation
    • MCA Certificate Attestation
    • MD certificate Certificate Attestation
    • ME Certificate Attestation
    • METRIC Certificate Attestation
    • HIGH SCHOOL Certificate Attestation
    • MS Certificate Attestation
    • NTC Certificate Attestation
    • Nursing Diploma Certificate Attestation
    • Other Diplomas Certificate Attestation
    • PDC Certificate Attestation
    • PRE UNIVERSITY Certificate Attestation
    • PUC Certificate Attestation
    • SSC Certificate Attestation
    • SSLC Certificate Attestation
    • Technicians Certificate Attestation
    • VHSE Certificate Attestation

    Personal Certificates

    Non Educational certificate attestation like Marriage certificate attestation, Birth certificate attestation, Membership certificate TC, LC, Affidavit, Mark sheets, Transcripts certificate attestation, Fingerprint, Private Diploma certificate, Medical certificate, Death certificate, Divorce certificate, etc., can be done even without your presence In India.

    Business Certificates

    For businesses, the attestation procedure requires you to open a branch of your company in any of the Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain).

    Our services are designed to get your certificates attested by Indian authorities without any hassles.

    Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation

    To get your Marriage Certificates internationally valid it is mandatory to complete the attestation process. The process of attesting is a vital record that affirms the people referenced in the certificate are legitimately married and allows the couples to prove the relationship status internationally. The need for attestation varies from country to country, but the marriage certificate attestation is mandatory and has to be acquired from the concerned government authority. Depending on the rules in the international countries the purposes to attain the attestation of marriage certificate varies. The procedures to attain the attestation has to be seriously followed by getting the necessary documents such as the original certificate and passport copy ready. Helpline Group is here for all assistance including notary attestation, home department attestation, Ministry of External Affairs, Embassy attestation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Indian Marriage Certificate attestation.

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