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PRO Services in Bahrain

Need Public Relations Officers (Mandoob) for your needs? Helpline Groups provide the best PRO provisions in entire Bahrain.

  • PRO Services for immigration, documentation, legal, attestation and translation activities
  • We have an extensive network of professionals and clients in Bahrain
  • Yearly corporate PRO/Mandoob plans for individuals and companies in Bahrain

Learn various uses of PRO/Mandoob services in Bahrain, and how businesses can make use of it.

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Bahrain

Looking for PRO assistance in your Company or for your personal work? So, you are in the right way, it is the platform of Helpline Group – ‘The Best PRO’s in Bahrain’. We are helping groups and individuals in solving their ‘paper work’ issues since 1998. We have 20 years of experience in providing lawful business-related services, PRO services and attestation services to the society.  We are one of the fast, reliable, accurate and honest service providers at the international platform. Immigration, municipality, Labor, housemaid, legal, foreign affairs like this there are several Mandoob services in Bahrain that are accomplished by our executives. We have a treasure of talented experts with the experience of working at regional, national and international level. Our team providing PRO services in Bahrain is aware of the regional challenges in Bahrain and legal requirements at an international level, this allows us to provide the best services which are acceptable worldwide. Performing work within the legal boundaries to satisfy customers is the prime aim of our agency. Our agency handles business and visa related work of individuals as well as of companies.

Our PRO/Mandoob Services are available for both individuals and companies.

Mandoob or PRO Services in Bahrain for Individuals

Our team of best PRO’s in Bahrain can assist you in the paper documentation, attestation and allied work. We can assist individuals in completing paperwork for themselves or for family or friend. Some of the major available Mandoob services in Bahrain are given below:

  • Attestation of personal and professional documents
  • Documents Translation
  • Attaining visa for the wife, child, family, friends, or relatives
  • Attaining work visa or visit visa and its renewal
  • Fingerprinting
  • Health certificate
  • Getting housemaids visa and its renewal
  • Residential permit and its renewal, etc.

Mandoob or PRO Services in Bahrain for Companies

Helpline Group’s Mandoob services in Bahrain will save your time, finance and energy. We offer competitive prices on an annual basis to the Companies enjoying our Mandoob services in Bahrain:

  • Document attestation and translation.
  • Company formation or Registration.
  • Registration of Product or Trademark
  • Renewal of documents (Commercial or Municipal, Chamber of Commerce subscription, etc.)
  • Changes in the company’s official documents and its attestation.
  • Changes in the partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • Changing the name or increasing the capital amount
  • Contracts for hiring manpower and its renewal
  • Work permit for employees, etc.

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Our PRO/Mandoob Services are available in many countries, especially in the Middle East Region. To know more about our services, please leave a message, stating your requirements on the left. Alternatively, you may contact us through either of the following methods. Helpline Group associates will contact you as soon as possible. We are also available in WhatsApp (Use the following numbers).