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Certificate Attestation in Kochi

Our dedicated team in Kochi is committed to providing a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring that your documents undergo the necessary authentication procedures with precision and speed. We understand the significance of time in your pursuits, and thus, we have crafted our services to be both swift and reliable, allowing you to focus on your goals while we take care of the attestation requirements.

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    Certificate Attestation

    Certificate attestation is a meticulous process essential for validating the authenticity of official documents for international recognition. This involves obtaining official endorsements and stamps from designated authorities to confirm the legitimacy of presented certificates. It is critical to ensure that legal documents, such as academic degrees, birth certificates, and marriage certificates, are acknowledged and accepted in foreign jurisdictions, facilitating smooth cross-border engagements and transactions.

    Certificate Attestation Services Kottayam

    We assist with the attestation of these documents but are not limited to the following:


    • Degree certificate attestation
    • B.A. Certificate attestation
    • M.Ed. Certificate attestation
    • M. Sc. Certificate attestation
    • M.Com. Certificate attestation
    • MA. Certificate attestation
    • MD. Certificate attestation
    • MS. Certificate attestation
    • MBA. Certificate attestation
    • MCA. Certificate attestation
    • C A. Certificate attestation
    • B.Ed. Certificate attestation
    • B.Tech. Certificate attestation
    • B.E. Certificate attestation
    • BDS. Certificate attestation
    • MBBS. Certificate attestation
    • BCA. Certificate attestation
    • BBA. Certificate attestation
    • B.Sc. Certificate attestation
    • Certificate attestation


    • Private Certificate Attestation
    • Marriage Certificate Attestation
    • Birth Certificate Attestation
    • Experience Certificate Attestation
    • Transfer Certificate Attestation
    • Death Certificate Attestation
    • Divorce Certificate Attestation
    • Medical Certificate Attestation
    • Transcript Certificate Attestation
    • Bona – Fide Certificate Attestation
    • Police Clearance Certificate Attestation
    • HIGH SCHOOL Certificate Attestation
    • Salary Certificate Attestation

    Attestation procedure

    Notary Attestation

    Begin by notarizing the document from a local notary. This step is to ensure the authenticity of the document.

    Home Department Attestation

    After notarization, the document needs to be attested by the Home Department or the State Home Ministry.

    MEA Attestation

    Once the Home Department attests the document, it needs to be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA is the central government authority that handles the attestation of documents for use abroad.

    Embassy Attestation

    After MEA attestation, the document must be submitted to the embassy or consulate of the country where you intend to use the document.

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    Backed by 25 years of expertise and a solid international standing, we are your go-to for certificate attestation in Kochi. Our services are within easy reach, with a network of 10 branches strategically placed worldwide. Our mission is to make the attestation process straightforward and enhance it, providing clients across the globe with a hassle-free experience.
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