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HRD Attestation of Degree Certificate

September 13, 2022by

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The validation of educational documents is done through the HRD attestation, also known as the human resource development attestation. It is the first stage of the attestation of educational documents. The ministry of HRD attestation of degree certificate is in charge of overseeing education in the nation. People who want to use their educational records abroad must have their HRD attestation of degree certificate.

What is an HRD attestation of degree certificate?

Human resource development, or HRD for short, is a ministry in India that works to raise the nation’s literacy rate. When a person travels to a foreign country, attestation is a crucial process. In order to properly complete an embassy attestation, the HRD attestation of degree certificate process is identified as the first step in the attestation procedure. 

Purpose of HRD attestation

  • To get a visa so you can work abroad.
  • To facilitate migration, etc.

Your educational credentials are authenticated by the HRD attestation of degree certificate department through HRD attestation. The signature and seal on the certificate serve as proof that it is a real, authentic document. For embassy attestation, a procedure called HRD attestation of degree certificate is required. 

The objectives of HRD attestation of degree certificate are:

  • Foreign countries for higher education.
  • In order to migrate.
  • To secure a job permit abroad.
  • For obtaining a visa.

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