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Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

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Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

Attestation is the process of proving the authenticity of any documents or certificates. While traveling or migrating to any other country for various reasons such as education, professional or personal needs etc. to be accepted in that country you have to attest all the necessary documents. Similarly, when a person wishes to travel to other countries from UAE or someone is coming to UAE from any country they should possess attested certificates or documents to get them valued. The process of Marriage certificate attestation in UAE and outside UAE can be made simple with the assistance from Helpline Group.

Marriage certificate attestation in UAE is for those families or couples who are married and are the residents of UAE wishing to seek education, job or any other activity in another country. The marriage certificate from the UAE government is valid in the UAE but when you are going elsewhere, you have to get the marriage certificate attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE. You can get your Marriage certificate attestation in UAE completed fast if you follow the right procedures. When you have limited knowledge regarding attestations there may be chances that you could get something wrong and would have to wait for a long period of time to get things done. By providing the necessary documents required for attestation, Helpline Group can complete the Marriage certificate attestation in UAE  fast and hassle free.

Those families or married couples planning to reside, work, study or  visit the UAE have to keep with them the marriage certificates provided by their respective government departments. These certificates would require attestation as well. In case of getting a marriage certificate attestation in UAE the person has to get the documents verified and attested by the respective departments depending on the origin country and the country they wish to migrate to. Before that you have to have in hand the original certificates along with the Xerox copy of the passport. Similarly, a marriage certificate issued in the UAE would need to be attested from various departments depending on where you wish to migrate to.

Notarization, UAE Embassy and MOFA attestation verifications are mandatory in almost all the countries such as USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada etc. follow the same procedures and the only change is that the governmental departments that need to approve the certificates change. Some countries don’t ask for notarization. Knowing the right way to get the process of attesting marriage certificate is important and if it is a bit more urgent then you should not take risks and make the process late. Helpline groups have years of experience in providing the services all over the world in all types of attestation and are aware of the hidden challenges. By choosing our service you can be tension free about getting the attestation process completed within the expected time.


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