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Education Certificate Attestation in UAE

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Education Certificate Attestation in UAE

When a person wishes to go to any country from the United Arab Emirates or UAE they have to get their certificates attested for getting them valued in the respective country. If you are going to another country for educational or professional purposes Education Certificate Attestation in UAE is mandatory. Depending on the country, the need for Education Certificate Attestation in UAE also varies for migration purposes, starting a professional business etc.

In most of the countries to seek higher education and get a job your educational qualifications have to be approved. But the certificates published in UAE are valid in UAE only, to get these valid in other countries you have to complete Education Certificate Attestation in UAE. Helpline Group provides assistance in all Education Certificate Attestation in UAE  including school level certificate, pre degree, post degree or degree, masters degree, engineering, diploma, B.ED, MBBS and all other educational certificates irrespective of the country you are planning to go to.

The process of Education Certificate Attestation in UAE has to be completed mostly online and you may also be required to go to the authorities in person. But if you seek the services of Helpline Group in getting your Education Certificate Attestation in UAE, you would only have to provide the necessary documentation and information to get your requirement fulfilled. If you are applying for Diploma or Bachelor’s degree attestation then you must provide a copy of original certificate and original transcript. In addition the attested copy of previously qualified certificates from any of the UAE’s private institutions or out of UAE similarly there are slight differences in each attestation process.

Helpline Group assists you for all the attestation related to educational certificate. We will provide all the helping hand you would require for getting your document attested while maintaining the accuracy to fill out the application with which you, as a first time applicant, would have doubts while doing yourselves. The documents would need to be scanned and uploaded or submitted directly to the concerned authorities. You need not have a single worry once you have sought out assistance from Helpline Group.

After submitting the required documents the MOE of UAE will check and review the documents and the data of the application is stored. The documents may be attested electronically or otherwise, depending on the procedure of individual certifications. Tracking your application and updates also becomes easier with Helpline Group.

If you are planning to attest educational documents from any country outside to get valid in UAE, then you must have to attest the documents from your country. After following the procedures from the respective country it is mandatory to get attested by the UAE Embassy in the respective country. These attested documents can only be used for any purposes in UAE, others would not be valid. You don’t have to worry what country you are from and would not need to worry about the processes as long as you have Helpline Group on your side. We will see to the successful completion of the educational certificate attestation.


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