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How to start a business in UAE

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How to start a business in UAE is a question that is most relevant to be asked today. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most developed countries and also one of the richest countries that attracts business tycoons around the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the best place to  start a business in UAE  as a fresher or if you wish to expand your business in other countries. The basic need to start a business in UAE is proper knowledge about the industry, good planning and budgeting. Without proper guidance the time to set up your business could go on for years and years. But with proper guidance from Helpline Group you can implement your dream project like start a business in UAE with limited time and most effectively.

Start a business in UAE

When you think of starting a business in UAE, you need to know that any business setup is primarily divided under three categories, depending on the type of economic zones where you are registering the company. One can set up a business  in the mainland, free zones or offshores, which determines the type of rules and regulations to start a business. The free zones are where the owner has complete ownership over the business and do not require a sponsor. Setting up an offshore business would mean 100 percent ownership in the mainland, 49 percent ownership and the rest reside on UAE nationals by means of shareholding. 

After planning the type of business and the jurisdiction you have to finalize the structure or legal form for the business. Once legal forms are completed, you can apply for the license. Before going for the license for business you have to get approval for the name and activities of the company from the DED (Department of Economics and Development). The approval of business name and activity is crucial to start a business in UAE, because after the approval of the name and activities of the company you will have to submit these documents and have to apply for the trade license in UAE or business license. There are four types of licenses offered by the UAE government depending on the type of business or company, these are commercial, professional, industrial or tourism licenses. These are important factors to be considered when you think of How to start a business in UAE.

On getting the license, simultaneously you have to complete the process of company registration in UAE. Then if needed you have to find a sponsor who is a UAE national and you have to get the external approval from required government or non-government departments or agencies. Then with expert advice, draft the Memorandum of Association or MoA. Rental office and tenancy contact and ejari are very important criteria you have to care about. The process of How to start a business in UAE is extensive and without the help of an expert service provider it would be difficult. This is because depending on your type of business and business documentation you can also get or renew the visas for the employees of your company or for your family to come to the UAE. Before getting the trading license or business license  you have to get an initial approval and later by submitting all the documents and approval forms by giving the necessary government fee you can complete starting a business and can fully indulge in business activities.

You don’t have to worry about all these steps while querying How to start a business in UAE. Helpline Group helps over 2500 national and international companies across the world to start a business in UAE. Helpline Group has been a helping hand for the people around the world in assisting all business and related activities by minimizing the hardships of business owners and maximizing their success rate. We are helping companies to start a business in UAE and establish a legal commercial entity with guidelines through all the processes from A to z in a timely and efficient manner.


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