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How to register a company in UAE


The United Arab Emirates or UAE is one of the most developed and is the sixth richest country in the world. How to register a company in the UAE is a question most entrepreneurs face while thinking of setting up a business or company registration in UAE. Company registration in UAE process is adventitious as the United Arab Emirates has a low tax jurisdiction and the business entities are not subject to the corporate taxes, which in turn attract the foriegn businessman and natives to start businesses. The locations in UAE are favorable for connecting with the world including all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and other European, Asian and African countries.

Company registration in UAE

When you think of how to register a company in the UAE, you need to know that a company can be primarily divided into three categories, depending on the type of economic zones where you are registering the company. One can register a company in the mainland, free zones, or offshores which determines the type of rules and regulations to start a company.  In the United Arab Emirates foreign people can set up a business with complete ownership in free zones, 100 percent free in offshores if the business is outside UAE, and in the mainland 49 percent ownership and the rest reside on UAE nationals by means of shareholding. After planning the jurisdiction and type of business you have to apply for a license for the company registration in UAE. There will be a multitude of legal forms offered by the UAE government to be filled on completing the procedures to get your company registered. The registration can be completed under different sections including Civil company, GCC company branch, Free zone company branch, Sole establishment, LCC branch (Limited Liability Company), Holding company, and Foreign company branch.

 To register a company in UAE you have to know about the procedure in the desired emirates you plan to start the company. You can always approach Helpline Groups with all your doubts relating to How to register a company in the UAE

There are seven Emirates which together form the United Arab Emirates and company registration in UAE,  in any of the emirates you want expert advice. Helpline group has been in service for years helping the company registration in UAE processes.

Read below to know some of the common steps on how to register a company in the UAE. The Department of Economic Development or DED is the body that will approve the name of your business or company and then need to apply for a trade license to start the real company registration in UAE. If the company is starting on the mainland then the license can be under commercial, professional, industrial, or tourism. This differs if you are starting a company registration in UAE in Free zones. You will need to find a local sponsor and after together planning the corporate documents are translated into the Arabic language which then has to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MOFA). After completing all these legal procedures you will open a corporate bank account for all business transactions. 

The process is much more elaborate than the mentioned procedures. Without good guidance, there are chances of falling into trouble. Helpline group will assist you in all your queries relating to how to register a company in UAE or for the company registration in UAE by understanding your needs and plans accordingly depending on which emirates you choose.


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