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UAE legal translation services

A legal translation enables you to safely utilise those documents in the UAE for any official reason. All documents in either English or Arabic that have been translated and issued in countries outside of the UAE and that are to be used for official purposes with any UAE authority must be stamped at a local office of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Ministry of Justice standards.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only stamps translated documents if they have also been attested to and stamped by the UAE Mission in the country from which they originate. For some documents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may accept translations attested/stamped by the originating country’s Consulate or Embassy in the UAE.

When it comes to foreign documents that have been translated from other languages such as German, French, Spanish, or Italian into/from Arabic, UAE legal translation services must be performed by certified translators who have a stamp and official recognition from the UAE Ministry of Justice. In the case of other language combinations, legal translations must be certified by the UAE Consulate in the country of origin or the corresponding consulate or Embassy in the UAE.

Arabic and English are the two most widely spoken languages, along with a few other exotic languages like Hindi and Bengali, which is not surprising given that the UAE is a global metropolis. The United Arab Emirates recognises a wide range of certification and licensing procedures. There is a crucial piece of advice: Before proceeding any further, confirm and consult with the corporation, organisation, or government entity to which the translated document is being submitted whether sort of attestation is necessary. Helpline Group is a leading translation firm in the United Arab Emirates, with a team of language professionals that have extensive experience in providing high-quality UAE legal translation services. Helpline Group may provide translation services for your projects, which can range from simple documents to sophisticated websites and visually stunning manuals.

Helpline Group is a legal translation company that specialises in offering the highest quality legal translation services for your project. All of our translators are put through rigorous testing to guarantee that they can not only meet but also exceed our own high standards for all UAE legal translation services. Each member of our team follows our quality standards, which include timeliness, formatting, and, of course, professionalism. Our translators realise that by joining the Helpline Group team, they are contributing to some of the highest-quality translation services available today. As a result, our customers always receive a competent, high-quality, and discreet service. Our translators are sharp thinkers who are fluent in their target languages. We offer translation services for a variety of languages, including endangered and historic languages. We also offer services in English, Hindi (including all regional and ancient dialects), Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and other languages. By curating well-researched and error-free services, we place a premium on customer pleasure. Helpline Group developed this confidence and credit all because of the assisting and professionalism that they have attained over the years.


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