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Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

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Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

Education is a common phenomenon happening around the world. Though the systems are varied in different countries, most of the education is valued in all the countries. When one person seeks education from one country and wishes to seek the continuation of his or her study in another school, college or in any institution in the same country or in a different country, It is mandatory to have the transfer certificate. In some countries, when the student is transferred they ask for the transfer certificate to be attested. In the same manner Transfer certificate attestation in UAE is mandatory.

Transfer Certificate attestation in UAE is a common process where the documents have to get authenticated and attested from the home land, the embassy and Ministry of foreign Affairs of both UAE and home country. This is basically what happens in the attestation process. These attested certificates are only valued in UAE, other transfer certificates issued for any person from their country can’t be used in any institutions in UAE whether it be governmental or non-governmental.

The transfer certificate attestation in UAE is similar to the attestation of an education certificate. When a student completes the education form home country and wants to get admission in any school or college in UAE then they have to present the attested copy of the transfer certificate same as we present the education certificate attested for getting into any job.  Hence, Certificate attestation in UAE is an integral part of your life. The UAE Ministry of Education is the body who makes these decisions. So before transferring to any university, school or college in UAE for admission you have to get the transfer certificate ready.

Certificate attestation in UAE  is troublesome if you are new in the process of attestation or don’t have time to spare to go through all the attestation processes. An error free attested transfer certificate is very important since  the transfer certificate is evidence of the child’s last education. So by not attesting correctly the certificate can result in the discontinuation of further education. Helpline group can assist you in getting a transfer certificate attestation in UAE whatever your homeland is. All needed is to have the transfer certificate with letterhead of the college or school last studied bearing the name, admission date in that school or college, date of birth, syllabus which the student followed, the date on which the student last attended the institution and finally this to be signed by principal and should contain the stamp of the school or college. Certificate Attestation in UAE can be tiresome without the help of an experienced service provider.

To complete transfer certificate attestation in UAE you will have to provide the original  transfer certificate with the details mentioned above and also xerox of the passport of the applicant, if the student is minor he or she should submit the passport copy of any one of the parents and if needed the authorization letter too. After that the documents have to be verified and attested by the Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) or Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)of the country from which the transfer certificate is issued.

After the attestation from the aforesaid bodies the attestation is to be done from the UAE Embassy in the respective country and finally the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attest the transfer certificate. This attested transfer certificate can be used anywhere in the UAE for continuing the education. Trust Helpline group and easen the process of Transfer certificate attestation in UAE and get your Certificate attestation in UAE done within a short time.


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