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Assistance for Bahrain Visa Stamping

Are you looking for a Visa to Bahrain? Helpline Group can help you obtain your visa depending on your needs and objectives.

  • Visit Visa to Bahrain
  • Tourist Visa to Bahrain
  • Bahrain Family Visa
  • Business and Work Visa to Bahrain

There are different types of visas available for people to choose from. We can help you determine the most suitable type of Visa as per your individual or business needs in Bahrain.

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    Bahrain Visa Services and Applications

    Before applying for a visa to Bahrain, one should understand what type of visa is available to them, and the basic requirements and pre-requisites associated with each one of them. Contact Helpline Group for application of Visa to Bahrain.

    Visit Visa to Bahrain

    Being a small island country sharing shorts of the Persian Gulf, it attracts many visitors, for business and personal purposes. The country issues a different type of visa to visitors to the country. The most common type of visa is a visiting visa to Bahrain. It is issued to people willing to visit the country for leisure activities or other purposes outside travel and tourism and business. You would need the following documents to obtain a visit visa in Bahrain.

    • A valid passport
    • Passport size photo
    • Sponsor letter
    • Return air ticket (or other)
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    Bahrain Tourist Visa

    Bahrain Tourist Visa can be obtained at the Bahrain International Airport or at the King Fahad Causeway for Citizens of the European Community, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hong Kong. GCC citizens can have a 6-month valid visa to visit Bahrain upon arrival. You would need the following documents.

    • A valid passport
    • Passport size photo
    • Sponsor letter
    • Return air ticket (or other)
    Bahrain Family Visa

    Family visa is applicable to wife, children, and other approved dependents of an applicant. A family visa holder may not take up gainful employment in Bahrain (wife, children, or other dependents). You would need the following to obtain a family visa in Bahrain.

    • One copy of the CPR of the residing citizen in Bahrain
    • Relationship documents to prove the relationship with family visa holders and the applicant
    • A valid passport
    • Passport size photo

    Bahrain Business Visa or Work Visa.

    There are plenty of job opportunities in Bahrain. You are allowed to work legally in Bahrain and become a resident of Bahrain after the issuance of the work visa. You should possess a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and a No-objection Certificate from Directorate of Immigration before this visa is granted.

    Other Visa Types in Bahrain

    There are types of Bahrain visa like transit visa, student visa etc. To obtain a Bahrain visit visa you can step your feet to our office. We can help you in a better way for your travel in Bahrain.

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