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Assistance for Visa Stamping in Qatar

Are you looking for a Visa to Qatar? Helpline Group can help you obtain your visa depending on your needs and objectives.

  • Visiting Visa to Qatar
  • Family Visiting Visa to Qatar
  • Work and Business Visa to Qatar
  • Transit and Official Visiting Visa to Qatar
  • Tourist Visa to Qatar

There are different types of Visa available for people to choose from. We can help you determine the most suitable type of Visa as per your individual or business needs in Qatar.

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Qatar Visa Services and Applications

Before applying for a visa to Qatar, one should understand what type of visa is available to them, and the basic requirements and pre-requisites associated with each one of them. Contact Helpline Group for application of Visa to Qatar.

Qatar Visiting visa

Qatar is famous for Arabian hospitality. The country promotes a wonderful life in Qatar.There are different kinds of visiting visa to Qatar. Most of the visa are different in nature. Helpline Group will assist you in making the best visa decision to visit Qatar.

Work, Business, Transit, Official Visiting Visa to Qatar

For skilled and professional candidates, Qatar makes it easy to obtain a visa through the provision of Work Visit Visa. You can make an exciting career in Qatar. There are plenty of opportunities to start a business in Qatar. In such a case, you can use business visiting visa. For candidates with short-term stay needs, a Transit Visa is all they need.

For example, if your flight schedule has a stay-over of 2 days in Qatar, then you may go and see Qatar using a transit visa. Visa regulations in Qatar is highly flexible to accommodate individual needs. They are having a fast developing economy, you can be part it by using the above-mentioned visas.

Family Visiting Visa to Qatar

Being a popular destination, not only for travel but also for work and business, it has become important for people to bring their families to their workplace. The Qatar Government understands these requirements and family emotions; hence it has provisions for family visiting visas. Spouses and children can stay in Qatar for up to six months on this visit visa. Other relatives may stay for up to three months. However, please note that this visa is only valid for an initial period of one month and must be renewed afterwards.

Tourist Visiting Visa

A joint tourist visa is issued upon arrival at the border for citizens of 33 countries, with a validity of one month. Qatar has many tourist attractions. More and more tourists are now coming to Qatar to visit the natural and artificial wonders in Qatar. The government has also put attractive plans in place to increase its tourism revenue. A tourist visa is required for foreign citizens to visit Qatar.

GCC Resident Visiting Visa and Companion of GCC Citizen

This type of visiting visa is provided for residents of the GCC states who arrive at any of Qatar’s borders. This visa has a 14-days validity and can be extended for up to 14 days further. Visa for the companion GCC residents is applicable for maids who accompany the residents in any of GCC residents. This type of visiting visas is only provided for GCC country residents.

Other Types of Visiting Visa

There are other types of visas as well, including Real Estate Visa and Investor Visa. Similarly, there are also some special visas like Camel Race Visa, Seamen Visa etc. It is important to report newborns in Qatar. Helpline International Services provides all services required for filing and obtaining Visa for Qatar. Talk to use to clarify any doubt or apply for a new visa.

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