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Step 1 : Sponsor/(s) will apply for entry permit Application for their employees in UAE.

Step 2 : Once sponsor applied for the application they will receive a message on their mobile – user name and password

Step 3 : with the help of that Username and password the employee can take appointment on “visa.mofa.gov.ae”

Step 4 : On the date of Appointment Employee will visit either Kerala or Delhi consular section and needs to bring following documents :-

  • Medical Certificate (Approved by Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association)
  • Original passport (valid for more than 6 months)
  • Invitation Letter from Company
  • 6250 INR for Biometric fees which have to be paid in cash
  • 150 AED for attestation of Medical Certificate from UAE Embassy which has to be paid via International Debit/Credit card(In case if someone not having Debit/Credit card, contact our approved 22 Agents by the Embassy and employee needs to bring extra cash in INR for medical attestation)

Step 5 : When all the formalities will be done inside the visa centre ; the employee will get the visa in minimum 3 hrs or maximum 3 days.

UAE Visiting Visa

We can see that different kinds of visa to UAE. Nationals of Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holand, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtain, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican are not required to enter the UAE. For getting visiting visa you need to get a valid sponsor. The sponsor normally applies for the visa on your behalf. Hotels & Tourist Companies, Airlines, Other organizations based in the UAE and Individuals already resident in the UAE are considered as major sponsors. You will not be able to apply visa on Fridays, Saturdays and national holidays. Application fees are not able to get back once they are submitted to the Immigration department, whether or not the visit visa is approved.

Visiting visa for GCC Citizens and residents.

Nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia are considered as AGCC Citizens. They can reach out UAE without possessing visa. But there are certain rules and regulations for this. For AGCC residents some important things are there like , Visitors who are businessmen, company managers or representatives, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers or employees working in the public sector, their family members and drivers and servants sponsored by them are eligible for this visa. Employees from the labor and servant categories are not eligible for this type of visa .

Visiting visa for Citizens of Western Europe and Pacific Rim

The following categories will be granted a free of charge for Single Entry Visit visa on arrival in the UAE, Citizens of UK, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and holders of Hong Kong SAR.

Entry Service Permit Visa

Company manager's representatives, sales managers, account auditors, delegations from companies or establishments to carry out a commercial activity in the UAE are required An Entry Service Permit .As per the duration of the stay visa types changes like 90 days long term visit visa, 30 days short term visa etc. . You should keep in mind that certain documents like a clear passport copy of the sponsor, a Clear passport copy of the sponsored person, Travel insurance etc. keep ready. All the data should be proper and genuine as per the embassy rules.


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Qatar Visiting visa

Qatar is famouis for Arabian hospitality. They assure you a wonderful life in Qatar.There are different kinds of visiting visa to Qatar. Most of the visa are diffent in nature.We will help you to make aN easy understand on it.

Family Visiting visa to Qatar

The world is made by lots of families. We are able to find out lots of people in Qatar are coming from different nations to save their family life. Definitely !They are living in Qatar with beautiful memories of their family. Blood relations always want to be staying together as we it may not possible for always. Qatar understand family feelings hence it had implemented family visiting visas. Spouses and children can stay in Qatar for up to six months on this visit visa; other relatives may stay for up to three months. However, please remember that this visa is only valid for an initial period of one month and must be renewed afterwards.

Work,Business, transit,official visiting visa to Qatar.

Are you talented and highly qualified candidate ? Qatar is a ready to provide your work visiting visa. You can make an exciting career in Qatar . There are lots of opportunities to start a business in Qatar. In such case you can use business visiting visa. If you want to stay for a short time in Qatar , you can use transit visas. For example you may have face situations like connecting flight in Qatar and you need to stop over there for 2 days. In this situation comes under a transit visit visa. We can say that Qatar is having the flexibility to adapt people from different nations. They are having fast developing economy, you can be part it by using above mentioned visas. Official purpose will cover under the title of official visiting visas GCC resident visiting visa and Companion of GCC Citizen..

This type of visiting visa is provided for residents of the Gulf corporation council states who arrive at any of Qatar's borders. This also having 14 days validity and eligiblr to extent for 14 days. Visa for the companion GCC residents provide for maids who accompany the residents in any of GCC residents . This type of visiting visas are only provides for GCC countries

Tourist Visiting Visa

Joint tourist is issued upon arrival at the border for citizens of 33 countries, one months is valid for 2 weeks.. Qatar is filled with lots of attractive places . So many people are stepping to Qatar for watching its natural and artificial beauty. Both are competing each other to attract people . The requirement of tourist visa to Qatar is increasing. Because Qatar developed as one of the safest country to travel.You are having intention to make a holiday trip to Qatar, you Can use tourist visa. There is an option to take joint tourist visa .

Other type of visiting visa.

There are some other kind of visiting visa like to extend visa, real estate visa, investor visa. And there are some special visas like came race visa, seamen visa etc. for new born babies also we should go for facility . They are not taking any charges for this. Helpline International Services provides the Excellent Visiting Visa Service for the people. You can reach for any type of visiting visa service for Qatar.


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OMAN Visiting Visa

The State of Oman is a sovereign and independent state in the Middle East. You can find different types Oman visiting visa like employment visit Visa, family visit visa, Relative/Friend Visit Visa , Tourist visit visa and others.


Oman Employment/work visa can granted at the request of a local sponsor . Presenting the electronic application form available through the website, to be endorsed and stamped by the sponsor is the primary step to obtain Oman work visa. You have to produce a valid passport at least the period of six months. , Two Passport size photos, a copy of the specimen signature of the authorized signatories issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Copy of valid certificate of membership of Oman's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with a copy of the valid commercial registration..


The family Joining Visa is granted to the wife of the foreigner, who is resident in Oman. You should have a local sponsor to submit application for family visa. It is valid for six months from the date of issue. Two passport size photos, valid passport copy, a proof of the family relationship , Copy of the specimen signature of the authorized signatories issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as for the personal sponsorships, a copy of the personal identity card must be enclosed for signature verification and A medical fitness certificate are mandatory things to apply family visa to Oman


Oman provides issues tourist visa to foreign nationals. This is also valid for six months. Valid Passport copy ,two passport size photos and sponsor letters are required to get a tourist visa.

Helpline International Services is also provide visa service like Investors resident Visa, Student Visa, Official Visit Visa, Multiple Entry Visa, Common Visa facility with the Emirates of Dubai, Common Visa with the State of Qatar, Road Transit Visa etc. you can trust us for any type of visa service to Oman.


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Bahrain VISA

Visit Visa to Bahrain

Bahrain is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain established bilateral relations with 190 countries around the world. It issues different types of visa for foreigners. They are Bahrain tourist visa, Bahrain business visa, Family Visa, Dependent Visa and Employment Visa etc.

Bahrain Tourist Visa

Bahrain Tourist Visa can be obtained at the Bahrain International Airport or at the King Fahad Causeway for Citizens of the European Community, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hong Kong. GCC citizens can hold the validity of visa for six months. You should have a valid passport, passport size photo, sponsor letter and a return ticket to grab a Bahrain tourist visa.

Bahrain Family Visa

Family visa provides to wife , children and other relatives. The family visa holder may not take up gainful employment in Bahrain . The required things are a copy of the CPR of the residing citizen in Bahrain, and the documents that state the relationship between the applicant. And a valid passport and passport size photo are mandatory things to obtain Bahrain Family Visa.

Bahrain Business Visa or work visa.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Bahrain. You are allowed to work legally in Bahrain and become a resident of Bahrain after issuing the work visa. You should posses a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and a No objection Certificate from Directorate of Immigration before this visa is granted.

There are types of Bahrain visa like transit visa, student visa etc. To obtain a Bahrain visit visa you can step your feet to our office. We can help you in a better way for your travel in Bahrain.


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Kuwait VISA


Required Documents

  • PCC issued by Passport Office
  • PCC Attested MEA and Embassy
  • PHOTOGRAPHS (Back White Background)
  • AGREEMENT Attested from Chamber of Commerce Kuwait.
  • FAMILY VISA & RESIDENCE VISA:(need the following documents)
  • POLIO CERTIFICATE for 1 to 12 Years Old Childrens

Kuwait Visit Visa

We are an experienced venture in Kuwait visiting visa service . We have lots of experienced customers around the world. Our branded service titles are Kuwait business visa, Kuwait tourist visa and other types of Kuwait Visit visa.

Kuwait tourist visa

Kuwait tourist visa is issued for a restricted time of leisure travel. Kuwait posses lot of encouraging titles in the world map. It has the strongest economy. Kuwait has settled out lot of tourist locations. The primer step is to fill the application forms with accurate and clear. Passport size photographs is must along with Valid national passport and one copy. You should be aware about a recent bank statement, Confirmation letter from your travel health insurance stating the coverage,reference letter from your sponsor or reputed department.

Kuwait business visa

The State of Kuwait is a Sovereign Arab Emirate. Kuwait has the world's fifth largest oil reserves and is the fourth richest country in the world per capita. Kuwait invites lot of business people and professional to work with their economy. To get a business visa you need to produce certain documents like Passport and passport size photos. Current bank statement, Proof of travel insurance coverage, Business references are considered as an important document to obtain Kuwait Business visa.

Other types of visa.

Kuwait transit visa, student service visa and family visa also included in Kuwait visa. You have to produce all the documents like passport, passport size photo,reference letter.etc.

You can believe the statement that "Helpline International Services" the top most companies in Kuwait visit visa service" . Because we are doing perfect service, due to our experience near to two decades. You can reach us any type visiting visa service to Kuwait.


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The information specified here under will certainly facilitate our valued customers to have some firsthand knowledge about the procedures and requirements when preparing to travel to SAUDI ARABIA


A) EMPLOYMENT VISA (Domestic Categories, viz. House Driver, Cook, Servant, Gardner, Watchman, Doorman, Agriculture, Shepherd etc

The following documents are required for Visa Stamping
  • Mehakama (Court) Wakalath issued in favour of Recruitment Office Wakalath can also be considered)
  • Sponsors ID copy

B) COMMERCIAL RELATED EMPLOYMENT VISA (Shops, Companies and other Establishments), viz. Engineer, Accountant, Technician etc)

  • Recruitment Office Wakalath issued in favor of the Regd name,
  • Commercial Registration Copy of the Company/Firm
  • Sponsors ID copy
  • Original Passport ( with six months validity )
  • Electronic Visa (ELECTRONIC WAKALA must be from Saudi Recruitment Agent)
  • Original Visa issued from Saudi Arabia
  • Medical Report Gamca Authorized
  • Passport size photo graphs with white background
  • Degree / Diploma Certificate (with ATTESTATION )as per mentioned in Visa Profession.
  • Company Agreement


A) RESIDENT VISA (Family Joining)

  • Original Passport which should have six months validity(including the old passports )
  • Visa Slip
  • Husbands Passport Copy
  • Husbands valid Iqama Copy
  • Medical Report
  • Polio Card (for children below 15 years)
  • Marriage Certificate Copy
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Photos - 8 nos. (6 x 4 - Background White)
  • Medically Fit Report issued by Saudi Panel Doctor (0-11 years age, No medical report needed)


  • Original Passport which should have six months validity(including the old passports )
  • Visa Slip
  • Passport Copy of Husband/Father/Son (Passport copy of one who sponsor the visitor)
  • Iqama copy of person who sponsor the visitor
  • Polio Card (for children below 12 years)
  • Marriage Certificate Copy
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Photos - 8 nos. (6 x 4 - Background White)
  • No medical Report required for Visit Visa cases


  • Visa Slip
  • Original Passport, which should have 6 months validity.(including the old passports )
  • Indian Company Letter of request for visa issuance attested by Chamber of Commerce
  • Commercial Registration Certificate copy of the Firm/Company (Saudi)
  • Sponsors ID Copy
  • Photos - 4 nos. (6 x 4 – Background White)


  • Child Passport, which should have 6 months validity(including the old passports )
  • Mother's original Passport
  • Father's valid Passport copy
  • Father's valid Iqama copy
  • Polio Card (if child is below 15 years)
  • Visa Application Form
  • 4 Photos - Back Ground White


  • Original Passport, which should have 6 months validity(including the old passports )
  • Copy of Work ID
  • Iqama print-out from Ministry
  • Sponsors letter which needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce
  • 4 Photos - 6 x 4 - Background White

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