Company Formation in Qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world with the highest per capital income and one of the largest gas suppliers in the world. The new economic strategy by giving incentives to new startups to diversify income source has enticed many multinational companies to Qatar. The right opportunity lies before you to begin a new business in Qatar.
The very first step that one needs to do to run a business is to decide the type of company establishment- LLC (WLL). The majority shares (51%) must be owned by a Qatari partner. A company to be fully incorporated must comply with certain formalities in Qatar.

Procedure to start a LLC (WLL) in Qatar
*Find a trustworthy Qatari partner who owns at least 51% of the share
*Appropriate of the area to open your business office
*Give a trade name for the enterprise
*Get your articles of incorporation typed and approved by the ministry of Justice
*Obtain a CR (Commercial Residence Card) which states the existence of a company owned by a group of shareholders.
*Open a corporate bank account and deposit your share in the account.
*Apply for the trade license in the prescribed form
*Get a Computer Card which states the signing authority for the company.
*Visa Process.

Are you bewildered by looking at the procedure? Helpline Group with its sound knowledge in the field of company formation can assist you to get along and form a company in Qatar.

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