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Bahrain is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain established bilateral relations with 190 countries around the world. It issues different types of visa for foreigners. They are Bahrain tourist visa, Bahrain business visa, Family Visa, Dependent Visa and Employment Visa etc.

Bahrain Tourist Visa

Bahrain Tourist Visa can be obtained at the Bahrain International Airport or at the King Fahad Causeway for Citizens of the European Community, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hong Kong. GCC citizens can hold the validity of visa for six months. You should have a valid passport, passport size photo, sponsor letter and a return ticket to grab a Bahrain tourist visa.

Bahrain Family Visa

Family visa provides to wife , children and other relatives. The family visa holder may not take up gainful employment in Bahrain . The required things are a copy of the CPR of the residing citizen in Bahrain, and the documents that state the relationship between the applicant. And a valid passport and passport size photo are mandatory things to obtain Bahrain Family Visa.

Bahrain Business Visa or work visa.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Bahrain. You are allowed to work legally in Bahrain and become a resident of Bahrain after issuing the work visa. You should posses a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and a No objection Certificate from Directorate of Immigration before this visa is granted.

There are types of Bahrain visa like transit visa, student visa etc. To obtain a Bahrain visit visa you can step your feet to our office. We can help you in a better way for your travel in Bahrain.

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